About me

Hello, I'm Pratham.

I’ve run web development agencies, clothing brands, and started several small businesses that I sold or shut. I dropped out of an engineering college in Mumbai, for the love of education.

Curious, percipient, and lazy. I’m most interested in Product Development, Philosophy, and the History of Science.

Past Work

Some of the businesses I founded

Whoosh Apparel

Whoosh is a streetwear brand that was one of the pioneers of DTG (direct-to-garment) graphic apparel in India. It’s now managed by Filfull Ventures.

Pratt Design Co.

Independent brand consultancy and design studio. Focused on qualitative problem solving with beauty and utility. Worked with 100+ brands in India, U.S., U.K., France, etc. to create their visual identities and websites.

What is this website about? 

I intend to publish my book notes, essays and projects for free on this website. If you’d like, get on my mailing list for updates on that. For anything else, say hello on Twitter or Email.

An idea I want to leave the reader with

We live in the Age of Information. There’s nothing we can’t learn. Almost. We can use this thing in our pocket to watch Bertrand Russell talk Philosophy, Richard Feynman teach Physics, or read Homer’s Iliad, all within the next few seconds.

But I feel it has become increasingly important to cultivate a foundation for knowledge before a foundation of knowledge. This foundation consists of thought, math, and language. There’s nothing we can’t mentally parse if we truly master those.

Private Mailing List

I’ll mail sporadically when I have something intriguing or resourceful to share.

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